Rural Women Empowerment is the Need of The Hour

Rural Women Empowerment is the Need of The Hour

We as Indians are tasting the sweet & sour fruits of globalization. Globalization has changed our life in 360 degrees. Right from our lifestyle, career, technology to our family life. But some people are away or we can say not getting the benefits of this socio-economic change. These are Rural Women. Women empowerment is a somewhat unknown word for most of them. Rural women play a vital role in the rural economy but their contribution is always neglected. They are the backbones of their families. Their hard work & financial contribution to nurturing the family is rarely acknowledged. These women single-handedly & proficiently play their tasks.

Women Empowerment – The Real Meaning

The word ‘Empowerment’ has many factors. Often the people get it wrong by only the earning capacity of women. But in a true sense, the word empowerment means – freedom to choose & freedom to live. This freedom comes from a variety of things. Let’s discuss this in detail –

1.        Education: It is the basis of any kind of freedom. The education which teaches us morality, character building & human values are the best. Unfortunately, many rural women don’t get the opportunity to get even primary education. Poverty, superstitions & traditional disbeliefs are the root causes for it. If you see the results of many state & central board exam results, you will notice girls get the highest grades & marks. Rural girls have large potential. The only thing is to give them a chance to take primary education & give wings to their dreams.

2.        Financial independence: A freedom without financial independence is of no use. The real-world demands money to fulfill all the necessities. Being financially independent not only makes a woman capable of fulfilling these necessities but also plays the role of a decision-maker in their home & society.

3.        Freedom from daily chores – A belief that daily chores, children & elderly care are only the responsibilities of a woman is continuing. This belief is ruining the life of many women in rural areas who have to stay at home to take care of their homes. Proper distribution of work & responsibilities can solve this issue. The only thing is to change the mindset of rural men & involve them in household chores.

4.        Social freedom – The freedom to talk & express is an important aspect of freedom. The increasing crimes against women indicate that as a society we still put restrictions & insensitive towards women. Many women writers & activists get the threads after expressing their thoughts.

5. The Action Plan – As a society, we have to take the following steps to uplift the condition & empower rural women.

  • We should make education affordable & create women-friendly education policies. Rural schools equipped with virtual education & vocational training systems will benefit the rural girls & women. 
  • Taking proactive steps to stop the crime against women. Talking about women’s liberty without taking any steps against the crime on them won’t work. We should feel women safe & secure while they step out for education, jobs & social life.
  • Supporting the small women entrepreneurship groups to encourage financial independence. We can organize trade fairs & exhibitions to support the rural women groups. 
  • Educating our boys from childhood to respect & support women.  

A small step towards women empowerment

A small-scale rice mill that requires minimal space to be operational has been successfully innovated by Padcorp Corporation and can be easily relocated from village to village when necessary and runs on basic electricity. Especially during natural catastrophes such as heavy rain, heat, or floods, the invention of this agricultural device brings numerous benefits to the people of rural India. The Mini Mobile Rice Mill catalyzes rural women’s self-employment, economic uplift, and better livelihoods. In the Southern, Eastern, and North Eastern Regions of India, rice is perhaps the most important meal. It is one of the universal values of a healthy diet that most Indian households eat twice a day. Rice demand rarely decreases, as it is a daily diet portion, especially in states such as West Bengal, Kerala, Orissa, Bihar, Assam, and several others. We concentrate on providing small farmers with financial support, women’s self-help groups (Bachat Gats), and disabilities living in villages to procure and run ‘Angel Mobile Rice Mill.’

Why Angel Mobile Rice Mill is so special! 

-An exceptional technology curated for convenient and safe usage.

-Works on Single Phase, 2 HP Motor

-Can produce 100-150 kg rice per hour

-Output ensures Increased Sales Opportunity – Cleaned Rice & Husk (Foodstuff for 


-A low Maintenance equipment, requiring less Installation Space, and is easy to operate.


Every change in society needs a cumulative effort from everyone. Rural women have strong potential. We have to give only a helping hand to bring that potential out. The vision of socio-economic emancipation of women now seems attainable with Padcorp’s Mobile Rice Mill. Without considering the hard-working women living in the most isolated suburbs of India, this dream remains untouched and incomplete. These women’s voices and talents are typically unknown of and unnoticed. It is time for us to acknowledge and build their path from the grassroots to a global level.

Come let’s play our part in rural women empowerment.