A small-scale rice mill which requires minimal space to be operational has been successfully innovated by Padgilwar Corporation and can be easily relocated from village to village when necessary and runs on basic electricity. Especially during natural catastrophes such as heavy rain, heat, or floods, the invention of this agricultural device brings numerous benefits to the people of rural India. The Mini Mobile Rice Mill serves as a catalyst for rural women’s self-employment, economic uplift, and better livelihoods. In the Southern, Eastern, and North Eastern Regions of India, rice is perhaps the most important meal. It is one of the universal values of a healthy diet that most Indian households eat twice a day. Rice demand rarely decreases, as it is a daily diet portion, especially in states such as West Bengal, Kerala, Orissa, Bihar, Assam, and several others. We concentrate on providing small farmers with financial support, women’s self-help groups (Bachat Gats), and disabilities living in villages to procure and run ‘Angel Mobile Rice Mill.’

Features of Angel Mobile Rice Mill…

-An exceptional technology curated for convenient and safe usage.

-Works on Single Phase, 2 HP Motor

-Has the capacity to produce 100-150 kg rice per hour

-Output ensures Increased Sales Opportunity – Cleaned Rice & Husk (Foodstuff for


-A low Maintenance equipment, requiring less Installation Space, and is easy to operate.


Rural Women nurture mother earth with their labouring hands it strikes a chord that, in addition to the agricultural work, they have to perform a variety of tasks other responsibilities within their households. These are India’s hard-working and enduring women farmers who begin their day before sunrise and even after sunset keeps working.

One such inspiring tale that enlivens a spirit of accomplishment among every tribal woman in and around the overlooked village named ‘Borchek’ is the story of Ms. Tanujatai Gavit. This village, which is part of the Maharashtra district of Nandurbar, is thought to be home to many tiny towns, tribal areas, and groups.

The rudimentary life of the people living in these areas was dependent on agriculture and rice production, which is considered a respectable profession. Even though Ms. Tanujatai Gavit belongs to a small village, her ability to scale higher peaks was amazing.

Until 2010, the village of Khandbara was underdeveloped and not fortunate to have sufficient equipment to promote their basic agricultural activities. At least 35 km away from the village, farmers had to fly to obtain paddy and get clean rice wiped from the mill.

Padcorp’s Angel Rice Mill was launched to recognize Women’s Empowerment and Agriculture Advancement, understanding these challenges and the need to forge the socio-economic reputation of these villages and communities. Padgilwar Company, Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK’s), and numerous tribal women throughout the district of Nandurbar took up this effort as a collaborative initiative.

Obtaining more respondents and informing people was crucial, and therefore Padgilwar Group’s implementation team started to develop a rapport with Women Farmers to actually achieve the vision of developing self-reliance amongst the tribal villages.

Ms. Tanujatai Gavit took the plunge and, using the Padcorp Angel rice mill, decided to make a living. She was educated under the guidance of Dr. Hedgewar Seva Samiti, who founded Krishi Vigyan Kendra’s Farmer Co-operative Society (KVK).

As a result of this, all the fellow farmers and families practicing agriculture around the neighborhood became inspired and joined hands for the shared motive of economic growth of the Nandurbar District. Finally, with eight village clusters collectively utilizing and making a living with Padgilwar Companies Mobile Rice mill, the project began to take good shape in 2010.

. What defines Ms. Tanujatai Gavit is the epitome of courage instilled with the spirit of a champion. Here is a list of income created from the duties performed by her;

Year Total ProcessedPaddy (Quintal)Total Husk Received (Quintal)Profits from the sale of Husk (Rs.)Net Profits in a Year (Rs.)

Padgilwar Corporation gives financial help to Small-Scale Farmers, Women Self Help Groups (Bachat Gats) & Handicaps living in villages to purchase ‘Angel Mobile Rice Mill’

Impact of Padgilwar Corporation’s Angel Mobile Rice Mill:

  • It saved a horde of tribal farmers time and money.
  • Eight nearby villagers and influential farmers in these regions have been encouraged and benefited.
  • The price of their cleaned rice may be raised by farmers to Rs. 35 per kg, which was previously sold at Rs. 12 per kg.
  • This dramatically proliferated their profits.
  • It helped boost the Gavit family’s wellbeing by self-employment.
  • They further trained women farmers & other tribal farmers regarding Mobile Rice Mill utilization to continue generating self-sustaining & enlightened heroes from rural states of India.


Ms. Tanujatai Gavit has definitely laid the groundwork through her community and other women farmers nationwide. The vision of socio-economic emancipation of women now seems attainable with Padcorp‘s Mobile Rice Mill. Without considering the hard-working women living in the most isolated suburbs of India, this dream remains untouched and incomplete. These women’s voices and talents are typically unknown of and unnoticed. It is time for us to acknowledge and build their path from the grassroots to a global level.