PadCorp is striving hard to find solutions for the problems of small farmers

India’s history tells the perfect tale as to its agricultural development, excellent climate conditions, and natural resource accessibility. India is also a leading international source of spices, pulses, and milk (which uses large parts of its land for wheat, rice, and cotton cultivation). To date, in most regions, farmers have followed primitive agricultural practices; historically used ploughs and suitable native accessories remain a choice for farmers. In spite of a shortage of strong equipment and machinery, there is very little use of advanced technologies, largely because most farmers do not have land large enough to use advanced machines, heavy machinery. In such a situation, farmers typically have no other alternative but to sell their goods quickly, at market prices that are always very cheap, before they are affordable. They’re miles away from the legal money they get. With its outstanding technology that promotes the production and growth of small farmers, Padgilwar Corporation strives hard. Here’s how we aim to forge revolutionary solutions to small farmers’ problems;

  1. Battery operated Sprayers

We launched the first battery-powered sprayer for farmers in India. It has been shown to save considerable costs, time, and ease of service. Such sprayers are 30 percent more economical than traditional sprayers that are operated by hand. These machines gave farmers technical innovation to spray on large areas of fields with less energy expended compared to hand pumping due to their light weight and greater coverage due to high pressure built by the battery-operated motor. To a great degree, they have helped farmers grow high-quality crops without loss to pests.

  1. Mobile Rice mills

We have successfully built a small-scale mobile rice mill that can be quickly transported and operate on basic electricity from village to village. The implementation of this agricultural device offered the people of rural India different benefits during natural calamities, such as heavy rain, heat, or floods. This breakthrough has had a profound effect on farmers; its greater gain, however, has reached women in rural areas. The mobile rice mill offered advantages such as simple running, time saved, food security in rural areas assured, higher earnings due to processed rice at the doorstep, and agricultural land saved where traditional rice mills might have been set up. Self-employment has also been aggregated to individuals in rural areas who teach fellow farmers the functionality of a mobile rice mill.

  1. Generators

PadCorp provides two types of generators

  1. PadCorp has a portable diesel power generator sets 7.5 KVA for all your power requirements. Due to its compact design, the range of 7.5 kVA diesel generator easily installs in every job location. Also, they provide clean & reliable energy. These top in class compact design power generators are able to run many appliances at the same time and help to run your work in a perfect and smooth way.
  2. A silenced compact & dual voltage feature of 10 kVA diesel generator provides the output in both 110V & 240V power supply. They are available in Three-phase connections, which suffice your power requirement. This DG set present with a complete engine & electrical protection system.
  1. Water Pump

Pumps used for irrigation include centrifugal, deep-well turbine, submersible and propeller pumps. Actually, turbine, submersible and propeller pumps are specially designed for agricultural use. PadCorp has 6 varieties of water pumps

  1. 2Hp Petrol/Kerosene, Self -Priming Water Pump with 1.5
  2. 5Hp Petrol/Kerosene, Self-Priming Water Pump with 3″x3” Suction, Max. Capacity: 60 m3/hr.
  3. 5Hp Diesel, Self-Priming Water Pump with 3″x3” Suction, Max. capacity: 50 m3/hr. Total Head – 28 Me
  4. 5 & 6.5HP, 2400 RPM Single cylinder, vertical water cooled diesel Engine, Very low fuel consumption
  5. 5Hp Diesel Water Pump with 15-20 Meter Head with 120Kg Trolley Weight
  6. 8Hp Diesel Water Pump with 28-48 Meter Head with 120Kg Trolley Weight


In a nutshell, India, having farmers as its foundation and all associated workers, seems to be an important agricultural powerhouse worldwide. Like several other sectors, the farming landscape still faces decades-long challenges and unexpected obstacles that need to be rectified.