Agricultural machinery devices are used to cultivate and harvest crops. Since ancient times, people have used the tools to help them to grow and harvest crops. They used Agricultural tools to keep soil loosened and sharp to harvest the ripened crops. This Modification of early implements led to the development of small hand tools that are used in small-scale gardening like hoe, rake, and trowel. And large implements led to the development of large hand tools, such as grass shears, gardening toolsets, and pruners.

Properties of The Best Farming Tools and Equipment

1. The introduction of equipment with high-end technology has reduced the labor work.

2. Use of Farming tools and equipment helps them to produce the required kind of goods in the quantity demanded, unlike the traditional days where humans and horses were excessively used.

3. Keep complete records of fieldwork done by various machines and the number of working days available for critical field operations. By knowing the average capacity of machines and the number of workdays available, a more effective job of selecting machinery is possible.

4. It has reduced the farming time with ample work done in the stipulated time.

5. In terms of cost, it helps farmers and corporate companies to economize capital and labor.

6. To expand operations, farmers can invest in machines & their maintenance instead of paying salaries to workers, thus hastening the production.

7. Farm machinery improves the quality of goods and boosts agricultural & food production in the market.                                              

Farm Machinery Importance, Uses, And Types

Modern farmers used a vast range of equipment for agriculture purposes. The technical stuff and farm manning are higher in the yield.

Farm machinery used for planting to harvesting:

Seed drill: This is one of the regular Farming tools and equipment for placing the seeds at a uniform rate and at a controlled depth with or without the arrangement to cover them with soil in a continuous flow in furrows.

Broadcast seeder: A broadcast seeder or spreader or fertilizer spreader is a commonly used crop, lime, or fertilizer spreading tractor tool.

Seed cum fertilizer drill: Seed drills are equipped with an attachment to drop fertilizer; spread the fertilizer on the field evenly.

Seeding machine: Inclined plate planters are used for sowing bold grains like maize, soybean, groundnut, and cotton, etc. The plates need to be changed for planting different crops. PADCORP seeding machine comes with 3 different attachments.

Reaper: Reaper is a tool used for ground-level cereal harvesting. Such reapers are powered either by the power tiller or by the tractor. The reaper worked on the tractor’s field strength varies from 0.2 to 0.4 ha per hour.

Grass trimer: Working principle of grass cuter: The rotating blades of this kind ofFarming tools and equipment continuously cut the grass as the mower is propelled forward the grass cutter works on the principle of slicing action of the blades. The grass was cut above the ground surface without damaging the blades when it strikes on an immovable object such as rock, stone.

Farm Machinery used for fertilizing and pest control

Manure spreader: Manure spreader is also known as a muck spreader or a honey wagon is an agricultural tool used as a fertilizer for the spreading of manure over a field.

Slurry tank: A slurry tank is a vehicle with a tank and pump that can be used to fertilize the fields with slurry (a combination of manure and water).

Sprayer: A sprayer is a device used to apply herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers to farm crops. Sprayers range in size from man-portable units (typical spray-powered backpacks) to tractor-related self-propelled units.                                                     

Weedicide spray: high-quality weedicide sprayer for all gardening solutions. Find a range of weedicide sprayers to suit your needs from a trusted garden backpack pressure pump plastic insecticide weedicide sprayer. PADCORP weedicide spray reduces farmers’ efforts by covering more area under less pressure.

Spraying machine: When power sprayer work, power through the transmission device, driving the plunger pump, plunger pump the liquid box liquid suction piston pump pressure, after the infusion tube (hose), three links, ball valve, a spray rod, to the spray gun, spray the liquid atomization, PADCORP spray offers the formation of fine droplet coverage in the farms.


Varieties of irrigation and other equipment are used in farming, depending on the farm operator’s financing ability and the appropriateness of the method according to water sources. PADCORP is a leading agricultural machinery provider. The product basket of PADCORP offers a wide range to cater to every mechanical need of a farmer.