The Perfect Way to Choose Sprayer Nozzle for Agriculture Spraying

Sprayer nozzles for agriculture spraying are a few highly engineered and precise components, and their selection for various applications needs to be made judiciously. For different agriculture applications, you must use the right kind of nozzle as it affects the amount of spray applied to a particular area, the uniformity of the applied spray, the coverage, and the potential drift. All the spray nozzles are not uniform, they have specific characteristics and capabilities and are designed for use under certain application conditions.

Padgilwar Corporation, established in 1960, is one of the first manufacturers of agricultural equipment in India. It manufactures a wide variety of agricultural equipment and tools, including sprayer nozzles. In this blog, Padcorp guides you on the perfect way to choose a sprayer nozzle for agricultural spraying.

Review your spraying requirement

In order to select the right kind of spray nozzle, you must review your spraying requirements. These may include

  • The number and types of chemicals you have to apply in an area.
  • The uniformity that needs to be associated with an application.
  • Chemical coverage that you desire on targeted surfaces.
  • And the most challenging is the extent of potential drift.

Now after, reviewing your spraying requirement, you can select a spraying nozzle on the following basis:

Material of nozzle: Sprayer nozzles are designed using different materials such as ceramic, plastic, brass, and stainless steel. Depending upon your budget and the type of chemical to spray, select your nozzle.

Droplet size: Different kinds of nozzles emit different kinds and sizes of droplets. These are:

  • Fine droplets that are applied on contact fungicides, contact herbicides, and insecticides, which need enough leaf retention.
  • Medium-sized droplets are applied to systematic herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides.
  • Coarse droplets are applied for residual and systematic herbicide application and to reduce spray drifts.

The content you want to spray: The content that you want to spray is an important factor in selecting the nozzle type. To get the best result, you must check the chemical label, the required size of the droplet, application rate, and spacing of a spray nozzle. In addition, you must also check a few environment-related restrictions.

Drift Tolerance: If you are facing drift in the application, you must look for spray nozzles with low-drift sprays. To control drift, you must follow a few tips:

  • Reduce the pressure to increase the size of droplets.
  • Keep the height of the boom low.
  • Check the weather condition.
  • Adjust methods of applications.

Weight of the solution: The solution to spray guides the specification of a spray nozzle. Whenever you spray anything light or heavy, you must use the appropriate conversion factor.

Types of Sprayer Nozzles

Depending on your requirement, usually, three types of nozzles are commonly used for the ground application of agricultural chemicals. These are:

Flat-even nozzles, producing a flat oval spray pattern with tapered edges are used for most broadcast spraying of herbicides and certain insecticides, where foliar penetration and coverage are not required.

Even flat-fan nozzles, used for banding chemicals over the row, apply for uniform coverage across the entire width of the spray pattern.

Cone nozzles are applied for plant foliage penetration to control insects or diseases, and where drift is not a major concern. During the process, small droplets are produced under high pressures, cone nozzles produce patterns which are susceptible to drift and should be used with any chemical for which drift can cause a problem.


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