How You Can Assemble and Use the Padcorp Double Bull Battery Sprayer At Home?

How You Can Assemble and Use the Padcorp Double Bull Battery Sprayer At Home?

PADGILWAR CORPORATION is one of the market’s well-known agricultural product manufacturers. It presents agriculture sprayers in agriculture, horticulture, sericulture, plantations, forestry, and gardens. An illustration of the kind of superior improvements that a group of skilled specialists can bring to manufacturing is the Double Bull Battery-Operated sprayer. The robust sprayer has several key features. You can easily assemble and use this user-friendly sprayer. The best-selling double bull battery sprayer by Padcorp can be used for spraying in horticulture, agriculture, gardening, pest control, etc. Here, let’s learn more about the Double Bull Batter Sprayer and how it can be assembled and used at home.

Features and parts of Padcorp’s Double Bull Battery Sprayer

Padcorp’s Double Bull Battery Sprayer is a user-friendly sprayer, easy to assemble, repair and maintain. It has the following parts.

  • A strong high-density polythene tank with a capacity of 18 litres. A printed double strong belt with a back cushion comes attached to the tank.
  • A High-quality luxury back support.
  • A 12voltx14 high-quality battery, charge time of eight hours and spray time of four hours with a full-charged battery. It is provided with a rechargeable battery instead of the conventional handle lever.
  • A double battery operated with buttons.
  • A flexible hose.
  • Extension, which you can extend and attach with a high-pressure gun to spray long and far.
  • Three-way Lance to spray the content with the nozzles at one time or as you can choose with any nozzle from your side.
  • Telescopic Lance.
  • It has an approximately one-foot high-pressure gun.
  • Filter which is the best in itself
  • Three sets of nozzles for different types of spraying mechanisms.
  • 1 manually soft Tigger.
  • 9v Led Light bulb with 15 Feet Wire with On/Off button.
  • Flower nozzle for spraying the pesticide like the shower on the Crops.

How to assemble and use Padcorp’s Double Bull Battery Sprayer

Before using the double bull battery sprayer, you must assemble its different parts. First of all, attach the back support to the tank.

Now attach the hose to the tank at the opening, which is present at the bottom of the tank on the front side.

If you want to spray long and far, attach the soft trigger to the hose. To this trigger is attached the extension rod to which you can attach a small lance and finally a nozzle.

If you want to use the boom lance, attach it directly to the extension rod.

Now, fill the tank with the solution you want to spray. Close the tank.

Carry it on your back and walk into the field.

Now, uncover the switch, which is present on the side of the tank. Switch it on and start spraying. For spraying, hold the trigger and slightly tighten it.


Padcorp’s Double Bull Battery Sprayer is efficient and robust equipment with wonderful features. It is easy to use and quite affordable. It is one of the best friends of our farmers that help them in making their task effective and easy. To help Indian farmers, Padcorp produces several innovative equipment and tools. For the requirements of agricultural tools and equipment, contact us.