How can you become a part of Padcorp’s agriculture equipment dealership?

Padgilwar Corporation, one of the best agricultural equipment and tool manufacturers in India, has opened new business opportunities for you. For over five decades, we are serving small farmers of India with high-quality and cost-effective agricultural products. Now, we are in a process of expanding our business and therefore, require individuals interested in becoming our business partners by joining us as dealers. Our aim is to reach the remotest areas of India, hence people from different regions of India can become a part of Padcorp’s agriculture equipment dealership. In this blog, we will learn all about this new opportunity and how you can gain the dealership of Padcorp’s agricultural equipment.

Before knowing how to obtain Padcorp’s dealership, you must know the benefits of Padcorp’s dealership.

Benefits of joining Padcorp’s agriculture equipment dealership

Since its inception in 1960, the company had strived hard to find solutions to the problems of small farmers and introduced equipment to serve their need for affordable farm mechanization. We pride ourselves on our success and we have achieved a lot because of the wide network of dealerships spread all over India. However, it’s not just Padcorp that benefits from the dealership, dealers who have joined us also flourish with us. Here, let us see how investing in Padcorp’s dealership benefits you.

Have a wide range of products: Consumers are always in search of new and better products and services. So, it is essential for you to incorporate new products and services. Padcorp strives hard to develop innovative products and launch them in the market. Padcorp first launched Chincholi Perni Yantra, a piece of sowing equipment in 1960 and now has over 450 products under its name. Thus, Padcorp offers varieties of products and assists its dealers to run their businesses prosperously.

Have strong and durable products: The high-quality products, which we manufacture, are our USPs. Our products are strong, sturdy, and durable. Our customers do not complain about the products this helps existing dealers to win customers’ trust. In addition, our products do not require much servicing. This helps our dealers to earn credibility.

We assist in sales: We not only provide a variety and quality products but our sales team also assists the dealers in increasing their sales by providing training and educating them about the product whenever required. We even help them to market the products.

Earns repetitive customers: Because of our strong and durable products, and reliable service, our customers trust our dealers. They become our regular customers and purchase products from our dealers.

How can you obtain Padcorp’s dealership?

Becoming a Padcorp dealer is not a tough job. You can easily join us if you fulfill certain criteria and formalities.

First, let us deal with the criteria which you need to fulfill for becoming a Padcorp’s agriculture equipment dealer. Padcorp encourages people from all over India to join us and become our partners. Anyone who wants to establish their business could contact us to learn about the procedures. Even farmers who want to earn extra income from some reliable source can become our partners.

There are some basic prerequisites. These are

  • An area of about 300 sq. ft. is required where you can maintain your inventory.
  • An investment of at least INR 50.00 K – 60.00 K is required to get our dealership.
  • You can contribute some innovative promotional ideas for the business.
  • You must be able to meet simple targets so that we both can benefit from the business.
  • In addition, you must be ready with your GST No and PAN No so that we can work smoothly.


Padcorp, India’s largest manufacturer of agricultural and farming equipment and tools in India, builds a strong and long-lasting relationship with dealers. With a little initial investment and a decent space, you could become a partner to one of the most reliable and committed companies in India. To join our ever-growing business, contact us.