Know- Mini Mobile Rice Mills Can Bring Profits To Farmers And Dealers

Rice is the staple food in the Southern, Eastern, and North Eastern States of India. It is one of the basic elements of the balanced diet and consumed twice a day in most of the Indian household. Since it is a regular diet item, the demand for rice never goes down, especially in states like West Bengal, Kerala, and Orissa, Bihar, Assam, and many others. 

Rice is obtained by separating paddy husk and a thin layer of bran from the grain. This husk and bran is later used as fodder for domestic animals. The grain is covered with almost 20% of the husk, 11% bran layers, and the remaining 69% is edible. This post-production step of separation and polishing the grain is done by the milling process. There are various types of rice mills available in the market. The most convenient to use is mini rice mills and mobile mini rice mill.

Majority of the consumers of these mills are the small farmers haling in core villages of India. As it not only adds value to their service but also help them increasing the consumption value of the crops, investing in a mobile mini rice mill plant gives them an opportunity to gain a lot of profit. 

This article lists why owning a rice mill plant is not only beneficial for the manufacturer but also to the dealers and farmers.

Padgilwar Corporations’ Angle Mobile Mimi Rice Mill – Prerefed Option in the Market 

The Angle Mobile Mini Rice Mill produced the Padgilwar Corporation is the preferred options among the small farmers. It is very convenient to use just plug it in and press the switch. It gives the farmers an opportunity to earn an extra-income by selling the husk and bran as a fodder.

Padgilwar Corporation has been manufacturing farming equipment for more than 50 years and has been a renowned vendor of the market. 

Features of Pad Corp’s Angle Mobile Mini Rice Mill 

  • Requires low Maintenance 
  • Easy Switch
  • It has the capacity of milling 120kg/hour
  • It makes the milling process fasters and less cumbersome
  • Saves up the labor cost 
  • Works on a single-phase line
  •  The mill is equipped with two horsepower motor

Steps in the Milling Process 

  • Pre-cleaning
  • De-husking
  • Paddy removal
  • Polishing or whitening
  • Grading and separation of white rice
  • Mixing
  • Mist polishing
  • Weighing of rice
  • Bagging of rice

Challenges in the Industry

Finding a Durable Option

Durability is always a concern regarding any machinery especially when a person is investing most of his savings. The mobile mini rice mills are used by small farmers on a daily basis. So, it is important that it requires less maintenance and sturdy. 

Getting an Affordable Machine 

A small farmer invests a big part of their capital in the farming equipment and machinery. Considering the market size it is important to make a cost-effective option available for them. Just like Padgilwar Corporation that is striving hard to find solutions to provide affordable farm mechanization. 

Easy Operations 

The machines should be easy to operate so that it saves up the time as well as the hard work of the farmers. Nowadays there are many such mini rice mills machines run on electricity which becomes easier for the farmers with the milling process. 

Efficient Performance 

Along with durability and low maintenance, it is necessary that the machine provides efficient performance. A great performance will empower farmers and give them an opportunity to gain profits. 


Along with the mini mobile rice mill, the Padgilwar Corporation provide numerous other farming machineries that has empowered the famers. They have introduced some revolutionary equipment that help the small farmers fight with challenges like unaffordability, labor scarcity, and time-consuming tasks.