Covid-19 Clean Up Drive By PadCorp

The corona virus that first originated in China was declared as the global pandemic by the World Health Organization on March 11, 2020. Ever since the announcement was out it has sparked significant anxiety among the people. Every country’s administration opted different ways to curb its spread. According to the latest updates, there are 59,900 confirmed cases and 1900 death cases in India. As far as Maharashtra is concerned the count of confirmed cases are 14,541 and the death toll has reached 583. 

Many nations including India is under lockdown and advised practicing home quarantine as well as social distancing to help control the epidemic. According to the policies of the Center, even the private sector has a crucial role to play during the situation. There are several clean up drives and awareness initiative are conducted by many companies. 

Many private companies, NGOs and clubs are joining hands to distribute health kits, food kits. Some are conduction awareness programs. Whereas, others are contributing to clean up drives by providing sanitization equipment or donations to quarantine camps. 

Efforts by the Private Sector

There are many tech-based services provided by private companies to help the government implement sanitization efficiently. Entrepreneurs have come up with an innovative idea and have been providing disinfectant sprayers, drones, and mist cannons to the government. One such company is the Padgilwar Corporation, which is providing disinfectant sprayers to carry out sanitization in Pune, Vashi and Navi Mumbai.

Clean-Up Drive by Padcorp

With 250 Sprayers worth of rupees 10 lakhs, 15 Lakhs litres of disinfectant has been sprayed is schools, colleges, municipal hospitals, police stations, education institutions, temples, public places & private societies.

250(men) *40(days) *8(hours) = 80,000 Man-hours worked

With 80 thousand Man-hour of continuous hard-work, this drive covered almost half of the Pune city including clusters areas like ShirkeVasti, ShindeVasti, Bheem Nagar, BT Kawade road, Palm Grove society, Bharat forge industry, and slum areas in Mundhwa. Currently, the Dhole Patil road’s Dhole Patil road ward office is under progress. 

Along with Padcorp, Rotary club Pune, Far East and Rotary club Pune, Camp has taken this initiative in Pune. Executed by the Pune Municipal Corporation and Bombay Municipal Corporation, respectively, Padgilwar Corporation provided their disinfectant sprayers to sanitize many cluster areas of Pune and Mumbai. Rotary International’s many chapters including District 3131, Camp, Far East, Mahal and Group Vashi contributed in this drive.  

This initiative was supported by the Sandip Rokade Health Inspector PMC, Corporator Himalitai Kambale, Pravin Khandalkar President RCP Far East, Arvind Chopra President RCP Camp, Mr. Pandit Rathod President RCB Mahal, Chetan Bandewar President RCB Vashi, Mr pandit Rathod, Mr Chetan Bandewar, Mahaland group Vashi.


With 80 thousand Man-hour of continuous hard-work, our warriors have fought day in and out, checking every nook and corner of these cities Padcorp will keep fighting for its People, Nation and Mankind until this war ends!