Mulching Sheet- Uses, Advantages and Disadvantages

Mulching sheets are the protective covers that are used to control the weather’s effect. These covers are extended up to the ground and used at the start of the vegetation season. It is one of the most beneficial technique for fruitful farming and gardening. It is the trusted procedure to keep the farms healthy. As it regulates the moisture content but also humidity, carbon dioxide, and create proper temperature and micro-climate for the crops.     

The main functions of a mulching sheet are balancing the moisture level of the soil, maintaining the temperature at the root level, improving the microbial activity, and any others. It even decreases the chances of soil erosion and provides necessary nutrients. 

Earlier organic things were used to perform the mulching process. Biodegradable things like straws, grass clippings, dried leaves, and wood chips were used as mulch. Now, with technological advancements, inorganic materials like polyethene film, river rock, crushed gravel or stone are used to produce mulching sheets. Plastic mulching sheets are commercially popular and used by many farmers. There are further two types of plastic mulches viz. Black and clear. The black mulch is used to provide warmth to the soil during winter, retain the soil’s moisture level and eliminate weeds. Whereas, clear mulches are used encourages faster growth, reduce weed and feed warmth.  

Application of Mulching Sheets 

The mulching sheets are used in various areas according to the need, climate, and season. 

  •  Areas prone to heavy rainfall 
  • Greenhouses 
  • Areas that require irrigation or reduce the frequency of irrigation 
  • Lands that are used for high-value farming 
  • Farms that have higher chances of soil-borne diseases and require solarisation


  • It is beneficial for water consumption as mulch prevents water evaporation plus lessens the need for irrigation 
  • It controls weeds and cuts down the energy, which is supplied to them 
  • It triggers the growth of white root 
  • Acting as a substrate it prevents necessary contact with the plats and it’s parts to boost the flower and fruit quality  
  • It helps keeps away the insects as pests by reflecting controlled light 
  • It is best known as a cold as well as heat insulator as per the temperature and climatic conditions 
  • It not only avoids erosion of soil but also retains its salinity
  • Preventing the wastage of fertilizers 
  • It increases the crop yields through seed germination

 Disadvantages of Mulching Sheets 

  • The mulching sheets can prove to be expensive. Although there are some affordable options in the market, the best one is the Padgilwar Corporation that provides a high-quality mulching sheet at pocket-friendly prices.  
  • The inorganic mulch is not eco-friendly
  • It is hard to dispose of the mulching sheets 
  • It can sometimes provide excessive heat and moisture 


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