How Mobile Rice Mill can be a boon to small farmers in a rural area

Rice is obtained with the paddy chicken separated from the grain by a thin layer of bran. This bran and husk is subsequently used as a fodder for pets. Almost 20% of the husk is used for the grain, 11% of the bran and the remaining 69% are edible. The grain is separated and polished by the friction process after production. In the market there are different types of rice mills. Mobile rice mills are the easiest to use.

The small farmers who hallow in the core villages of India are the bulk of consumers of those mills. Since it adds value not only to their service but helps them to improve crop consumption, it gives them a chance to profit by investing in a mobile rice mini plant.

This article explains why it is beneficial not only for the manufacturer but also for distributors and farmers to own a rice mill.

Hullers cannot control precise rice polishing and also end in high rice breakage. Mini Rice Mill is designed to satisfy rural and semi-commercial needs in order to produce organic, brown, semi-polished rice and polished rice.

PADCORP’s Angle Mobile Mimi Rice Mill
Padgilwar Corporations are the preferred options of small farms in Angle Mobile Mini Rice Mill. To just plug in and press the switch it is very convenient. It allows farmers to earn extra income by selling the husk and bran as a forage.

For more than 50 years Padgilwar Corporation has been producing agricultural equipment and was a renowned market supplier.

Mobile rice mill features

• They need low maintenance • It accelerates and reduces the volume of the frying process.

• Savings the cost of labour

• Minor rice rupture.

• Can be used for other smallholder operators as a service unit.

• Farmers won’t need to take long distances to convert rice to paddy.

Mobile rice advantages a sustainable option
Durability is always a concern for any machinery, particularly when an individual invests most of its savings. Small farmers use mobile mini rice mills every day. The mills have reduced maintenance and are robust.

An Economic Machine
A small farmer spends much of his capital on agricultural equipment and machinery. These mills are an economical option for them. Just like Padgilwar Corporation, which works hard to find solutions for affordable agricultural mechanisation.

Simple to use
The machines are simple to operate and save farmers’ time and hard work. Today, numerous such mini rice milling machines are electrically operated, which makes milling easier for farmers.

Performance efficiently
The machine delivers efficient performance alongside durability and low maintenance. A superb performance will enable farmers to increase their profits.

The Mobile Rice Mill company PADCORP is very simple in design and easy to operate. Mobile rice mill is 100% safe, sounding during operation is much lower. It requires very little installation space to remove the outside husks of raw rice grains. Mobile Rice Mill uses less electricity than other similar machines, and is user friendly. Just pour paddy into the machine and get fresh rice as output without bran. This machine is very useful and needs very little maintenance for farmers. Excellent opportunity for rural young people to build a small farmer service industry.