Farming tools and equipment that save time and efforts

Technology makes your work easy and saves your time. The same is true with agriculture. The technically advanced tools and equipment used in agriculture are facilitating farmers in obtaining higher yields with less effort and time. Padgilwar Corporation, the largest manufacturer of farming tools and equipment in India, since its inception in 1960, strives to uplift small farmers of India.
From time to time, Padgilwar Corporation offers improved as well as new tools and equipment at a relatively low price that benefits our farmers in their tasks. With these farming products, our farmers can get a high yield that too with little labor and reduced overall expenditure. Here, let’s know about some of the farming tools and equipment that save time and effort.

Water Pump:

One of the most important machines used in agriculture is none other than the water pump. It helps in the easy movement of water from its source to the fields and crops. You can use these pumps in various forms of irrigation such as drip, sprinklers, or with a hose.
Irrigation is one of the most important aspects of agriculture, and Indian farmers face a lot of problems in sufficing the need of their fields and crops. Pad corp offers varieties of water pumps, which are both durable and affordable. These water pumps range from kerosene to diesel and petrol operated pumps of different power.

Mulching Sheet:

Mulching sheets are the protective covers, which are used to control weather effects on crops. It is one of the advanced agricultural procedures to keep farms healthy by controlling humidity, and the content of carbon dioxide and providing proper temperature and micro-climate for the crops.

These sheets have several benefits in agriculture, such as:

  • water loss by evaporation is reduced, thus lessening the need for irrigation
  • it avoids soil erosion and retains the salinity of the soil
  • it maintains a favorable temperature for the growth of crop
  • it controls the growth of weeds
  • it triggers seed germination and the growth of white roots
  • it helps in reducing the pests and insects that cause diseases in crops.

Padcorp manufactures mulching sheet of superior quality, which has excellent texture and measurement.

Mobile Rice Mill:

Mobile Rice Mill is a new technology that is greatly helping farmers. It facilitates the removal of chaff as per the need, and in this way, it is proving a boon for small farmers.

Angel Mobile Rice Mill Machine, introduced by Padcorp, is the latest model of mobile rice mill, which is fully automatic. Weighing merely 56 kg and with a processing capacity of 120 to 150 Kg of rice per hour, this high-speed mini rice mill saves the time and money of farmers and makes the task of rice processing efficient and effortless.

Battery Sprayers:

Sprayers are a great agricultural device that helps farmers spray pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc. to protect their crops from pests and also to provide essential nutrients to the crops. The portable battery sprayers from Padcorp are proving a boon for the farmers. They are employed in spraying liquids ranging from small to large fields in one go.

Padcrop helps small farmers of India with a wide range of battery sprayers having different specifications and is available at affordable prices. These sprayers with a large tank remain charged for a long duration.

Padcorp’s Double Bull battery-operated sprayer has a super strong tank of 18-liter capacity, and with this sprayer, you are able to spray a large field in one go. One of the highest-selling products from Padcorp, the Double Bull battery-operated sprayer is a great help for farmers.

Crop Cutter:

Manual crop cutting was a tough task. It took a lot of time and required much labour. However, advanced crop cutters from Padcorp have made the job of farmers much easier. It requires less time and less labour.

Crop Cutters from Padcorp have blades that cut the crop in a scissoring type of motion and enable farmers in cutting crops independently. This effective tool comes in various models at affordable prices.

Seeding Machine:

With Padcorp’s seeding machine, farmers don’t need to manually spread the seeds in large fields. This machine has made the tiring job of seeding very easy for the farmers. The seeding machine not only saves time but also saves labour.

The seeding machine from Padcrop distributes the seeds evenly in the field and is budget-friendly.

Tea Leaf Cutter:

This is another useful and efficient tool from Padcorp that helps tea cultivators. It can finish the job in much less time. Two hours of handpicking can be accomplished in just ten minutes using this wonderful machine.


Padgilwar Corporation of Pune benefits farmers by offering low-cost latest technology products that make their farming processes effortless. Farmers of India trust us and rely on our products and services. For all the agricultural requirements, contact us.