Benefits of PADCORP Dealership

Benefits of PADCORP Dealership


Padgilwar Corporation of Pune, a leader in manufacturing Agri equipment and tool, started the company in 1960 to benefit small farmers of India with efficient, strong, and affordable products. Padcorp strives hard to find solutions to the problems of small farmers and introduces equipment to serve their need for affordable farm mechanization. Since its inception, the firm has been in the process of expanding its business. For this, it has partnered with dealers across India. Today, we have more than 800 dealers in India. Read below to know how our dealers have benefitted by partnering with us.

Why should you invest in Padcorp’s dealership?

Investing in Padcorp’s dealership is a profitable business. There are various reasons for this. Some of them are:

Offers a wide range of products: To run a prospering business, incorporating new products or services is essential as consumers always want innovations. Padcorp since its inception has brought new ideas to the market. Its innovative team strives hard to develop new farming equipment and tools that prove beneficial for the farmers. Padcorp first invented sowing equipment called Chincholi Perni Yantra in 1960 but now has over 450 products under its name. Thus, Padcorp also assists its dealers to run their business prosperously by offering them new products now and then.

Offers strong and durable products: The quality of our products is one of the company’s USPs. We use the best quality raw materials to manufacture strong, sturdy, products with longer life. Our existing dealers claim that they don’t get complaints from the customers with regards to the product quality. Neither do the customers require much servicing. This increases the credibility of our dealers.

Assists in sales: Apart from providing variety and quality products, our sales team also assists the dealers in increasing their sales by providing training and educating them about the product whenever required. We also help them with marketing the products.

Gains repetitive customers: Since the products are strong and durable, our customers trust our dealers. They regularly purchase products from our dealers. For all their agri-related equipment and tools, the customers visit our dealers who are spread across the whole country.

Who could get our dealership?

Padcorp strives to support small farmers of India and therefore works on the pan India level. We encourage people from all over India to join us and become our partners. So, anyone who wants to establish their business could contact us and know the procedure.

The last two years have been unfortunate for many. People have not only lost their lives but also have lost livelihood. Agriculture is one of those sectors in India, which is never short of opportunities. So, anyone who has lost their job or had to wrap up their business due to COVID-19 could join us.

In addition, we also promote our farmers to be our partners. Farmers in India have to deal with several uncertainties. Due to unpredictable weather conditions or other circumstances, the crop yield is often unsatisfying. In such conditions, the extra income that too from some reliable source is a great relief. Padcorp’s dealerships help farmers to have a regular income.


With a decent space and a little investment, you could become a partner to one of the most reliable and committed companies in India. Padcorp of Pune, the largest manufacturer of agricultural and farming equipment and tools in India builds a strong and long-lasting relationship with our dealers To know the details of how to join us as a dealer, contact us.