9 Ways to grow your farming equipment business

India being an agriculturist country, there is a vast scope for farming equipment business. Every day new technology is developed to make the task of farmers and agriculturists easier and more cost-effective. So, investing in the farm equipment business could prove highly beneficial. However, in this competitive market, it’s not just setting up the business that would give you profit, but you need to make strategies that would work and help you to grow your business. Padgilwar Corporation, based in Pune, is the leader in the manufacturing of farming equipment in India and works dedicatedly to grow its business. To help you with your farm equipment business, it suggests 9 incredible ways to grow your business. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Do your research work

If you want to grow your business, you need to do market research. With this, you get to know and understand not only your existing customer but also your potential customers. You must gain an insight into the target market and know about the types of farm equipment and products that are in demand.
Moreover, you are also required to research your competitors. Understanding their weaknesses and strength will help you to make decisions to scale your own business.

2. Introduce new products

Introducing new and innovative products is one of the best ways to stay in the competitive market. There are lots of farm equipment that can be introduced to help farmers do their tasks efficiently. Promote and educate your customers about the latest addition to your inventory.

3. Keep reliable products

It is very important for you to sell reliable farm equipment to grow your business. Farmers often buy them for their agriculture and farming. But if farmers are not happy with one or two products, you fail to retain customers. The farm equipment must be strong, efficient, and cost-effective.

4. Create an efficient sales funnel

This is important as whenever your customer enters the funnel, compel them to buy your farm equipment. To do this, you can offer a discount or get their contact information and send them updates about your products and services.

5. Prioritize customer service

Just selling your product is not enough. To grow your farm equipment business, you must give effective and smooth after-sales services. There are many in the market to offer customer service, you must outdo them by offering the best customer service.

6. Make loyal customers

When you have got new customers, try retaining them so that they come back to you. You can do this by following them through their contact information, remaining in touch with SMS or WhatsApp messages, or if your farmers remain active on social media, keep them engaged with your posts, or by resolving their issues through your customer service. These would help you to earn loyal customers.

7. Promote your farm equipment business

Without promotion, it is difficult to continue any business. But you must be thinking promoting and marketing are costly affairs. They were but a few years back. Today, with smartphones and other gadgets along with easy accessibility to the internet, promoting your business and products have become easier and cheaper. You can use a number of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, blogs, etc. Through these platforms, you get an opportunity to promote your farm equipment and services along with educating farmers and agriculturists about the existing products and services as well as the new additions.

8. Organize events

Find occasions to organize events. It can be during the launch of new farm equipment or an environmental day, or any other related occasion. Invite farmers and agriculturists from the nearby area. This would help you to interact with your customers. You will get a chance to educate them about your existing farm equipment or let them know about the new product that you are about to launch. This would also give you an opportunity to understand your customers and their needs. Make these events beneficial for both your customer and yourself.

9. Find new markets

Once you have tapped most of the customers in an area, you must look for a different market where you can find new customers. You can also use online selling platforms to sell your farm equipment.


These are the best ways to grow your farm equipment business in the current market scenario. Whether you are in the manufacturing sector or retail sector or you’re a dealer and distributor of some well-known brand, these would definitely help you. If you are a retailer of farm equipment and want to grow your business, Padcorp offers you a fantastic opportunity. Padgilwar Corporation, the well-known farm equipment manufacturer is expanding its business and looking for people who could become our dealers and distributors to work together with us to grow the business. It is an excellent opportunity to gain maximum profit through minimal investment. For further enquires, contact our experts.