PADCORP – New Business Opportunity

PADCORP – New Business Opportunity

Padgilwar Corporation, established in 1960, is a leading organization engaged in manufacturing and supplying various agricultural tools and equipment, such as sprayers, pumps, rice mills, etc. With a mission to help small farmers across India, Padcorp consistently works hard to develop innovative and affordable products to make the task easier and more cost-effective for farmers. Since its inception, Padcorp has developed over 450 products and works with more than 800 dealers and distributors across the country. Thanks to our experienced team and adept business practices that have helped to expand our business. Padcorp, based in Pune, invites you to become a part of this flourishing business and work as its partner. For all those who are in search of employment or want to increase their income, Padcorp has opened New Business Opportunities for them.
The last two years have been unfortunate for us. COVID-19 took many lives and also rendered many unemployed. Don’t get depressed! The agriculture sector in India offers a wide range of employment. Being a part of the agricultural sector, Padcorp has an excellent employment opportunity for you. We’re looking for people who could join us as dealers and distributors and become a part of one of the largest economy-generating sectors in India.

Who could join us?

Any Indian, coming from a diverse region and background, who is looking for decent employment can join us. Besides, farmers who want to earn extra income are also welcome. However, there are some simple prerequisites.

  • To set up the business, you should have a space of about 300 sq. ft. where you can maintain the inventory.
  • To get our distributorship, you should be able to invest at least INR 50.00 K – 60.00 K.
  • You could contribute to the business with some innovative promotional ideas.
  • You must at least be able to meet simple targets so that we two can benefit from the business.

What are the advantages of joining us as dealers and distributors?

Padcorp is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of agriculture tools and equipment. We have won the trust of millions of customers with our excellent products and services in India. We offer strong, efficient, and durable products that also prove cost-effective. A large number of whom are repetitive customers. PADCORP is a name in itself. So you will be joining a company that has already established itself as a leader. You’ll not have to struggle to promote the products even in the initial stages. Besides, you’ll also enjoy the following advantages:

  • We offer a high margin on all the products to our distributors and dealers.
  • You are also entitled to incentives if you achieve the minimum targets.
  • Moreover, our marketing and sales team also assists you in promotional activities.
  • Our experienced, talented, and hardworking team is constantly looking for ways to improvise the existing products or introduce innovative products to the market. With us, you’ll be benefitted from a wide range of products.
  • We assure you of timely delivery of the products. You’ll be never short of the stock that may cause your business to get hamper.

Know our USPs

  • The range of our product is known for its high strength.
  • Our products are sturdy.
  • We offer products that are durable and resistant to breakage and corrosion.
  • And above all, they are easy to use.


Padcorp, with a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Pune and a leader in manufacturing agricultural and farming equipment and tools, is expanding the business. So, we’re looking for enthusiasts from across India who could aid us in taking our business to the next level. You have a great opportunity to be a part of this progressive firm. To become our dealer or distributor, contact us.