Top 5 Advantages Of Using Sprayers In Agriculture

With technological advancements in farming and agriculture, farmers have now access to tons of innovative equipment and resources that allows them to accomplish their task of feeding the mass. Among many such equipment and tools, sprayers have become quite popular. Farmers use them for several purposes, such as applying pesticides, fungicides and other chemicals in their field. Padgilwar Corporation started its business in 1960 with an aim to assist small farmers of India in easing their tasks and gaining maximum profit from their toil. It manufactures more than hundreds of farming equipment, tools, and accessories, including varieties of sprayers. Here, let us know about the various applications of sprayers in agriculture.
Top five advantages of using sprayers in agriculture

  1. Spraying Pesticides
    Sprayers are effective pest-control tools. Pesticides can be mixed with water and then sprayed into infested areas. Farmers must use sprayers every two weeks if a specific area has a high pest infestation. You can even spray pesticides on livestock to kill ticks and other dangerous pests in order to reduce production.
  2. Spraying Herbicides
    Sprayers are an effective way to control invasive vegetation. They use a sprayer to mix herbicide and water. Later, the farmer sprays it on unwanted vegetation, which naturally dries a few days later. With technological advancement, scientists have developed a plethora of new chemicals that selectively select and eliminate only undesirable crops on a plot of land. Farmers can also use sprayers to apply such selective herbicides.
  3. Spraying Fungicides
    In agriculture, hand sprayers are used to control mildews, rusts, blights, and fungi. These are the worst plant enemies because they reduce crop production. Parasitic fungi also have adverse effects on animals. When using a hand sprayer, however, you can easily control them. Fungicides are typically available in liquid form and contain 90 per cent sulphur. Sprayers are effective for fungi control because they do not harm the leaves.
  4. Applying Liquid Fertilizers
    The application of liquid fertilisers is an effective method in areas prone to soil erosion and drylands. To increase the efficiency of the process, the sprayer is filled with liquid fertilizer. Liquid fertilizer targets a specific crop group with no risk due to the evaporation of liquid into the atmosphere. Crop establishment and early rooting are aided by the use of sprayers in agriculture. Besides, providing essential nutrients, liquid fertilizer application also provides irrigation.
  5. Applying plant-growth regulators
    The method of application is critical to the efficiency of plant growth. Plant growth regulator spraying has a faster effect on flowering and fruiting as well as the flower yield of flowering crops. This application has the advantage of taking less time to treat the plant and being environment-friendly.
    These are the top-most usages of sprayers in agriculture. In addition, high-pressure sprayers are also used in agriculture in the small irrigation area. Furthermore, farmers spray freshwater before harvesting any crop to clean up any leftover deposits. Sprayers are useful in all weather conditions. These can also be used to keep insects and livestock cool for agricultural purposes.
    Sprayers have a wide range of applications in agriculture – apply fertilizer, pesticides, water, herbicides, or anything else. Manual application of these chemicals, as well as water, is a time-consuming task. Fortunately, sprayers operate automatically, allowing farmers to complete tasks easily and in less time. Furthermore, sprayers cover a much greater distance than any other resource used by farmers. So, it is one of the most useful equipment for the farmers.
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