How drip irrigation can be a win-win situation for Indian farmers and economy along with nature

How drip irrigation can be a win-win situation for Indian farmers and economy along with nature

About drip-irrigation
A micro-irrigation system where
water drips slowly to the roots of plants, either from above the soil surface or buried below the surface is called drip irrigation. It has a potential to save water and nutrients by placing water directly into the root zone and reduce evaporation. A properly designed and managed drip irrigation system gives producers the best uniformity and application efficiency, consequently saving them time, energy, and water, all while maximizing yields.

Drip irrigation system are mainly of two types :

1. Surface drip irrigation

Drip irrigation system

A surface drip irrigation system has a close emitter spacing (12”-18”) and a thin wall (8-10 mil) dripline injected 1” to 6” below the surface. These systems are a temporary because the dripline is retrieved and recycled every year. It is typically used on high value crops due to the yearly expense of new dripline and the labour for installation.

2. Subsurface drip irrigation

A subsurface drip irrigation system uses 20” – 27” emitter spacing and a slightly thicker wall (13-15mil) dripline injected 8” – 14” below the surface. These systems are permanent, hence the design and installation is important to ensure longevity. It is mainly used in row crop agriculture, however it is now getting introduced for some high value crops.

Advantages of drip irrigation for farmers
Drip irrigation is an easily adaptable technology that is highly efficient solution for small farmers. It can increase agricultural production by as much as 50% using only 10% of the water that they currently utilise. In addition, drip irrigation also limits topsoil erosion, pest infestation and evaporation from the plant’s surface delivering greater ROI compared to other of irrigation methods.

Some key benefits for farmers from drip irrigation:

– Higher consistent quality yields

– Huge water savings: no evaporation, no run off, no wastage

– 100% land utilization – drip irrigates uniformly in any topography and soil type

– Energy savings: drip irrigation works on low pressure

– Efficient use of fertilizer and crop protection, with no leaching

– Less dependency on weather, greater stability and lower risks

Economic rise due to drip irrigation
Drip irrigation system is an approach to agriculture that empowers farmers to produce higher yields of better-quality crops irrespective of any climate, soil or region. This has boosted the agriculture sector and removed poverty by generating more profit to live healthier and more empowered lives. With the rise in global population such precision farming practices will:

– Reduces impact of drought and climate change on food production

– Avoid contamination of ground water and rivers caused by fertilizer leaching.

– Support rural communities, reduce poverty, reduce migration to cities.

Impact on nature

Drip irrigation is the most sustainable approach for providing water and nutrition to crops making it a profitable venture. It is empowering farmers and saving precious global resources, primarily water. Water is getting scarce due to the depleting water level along with water contamination, which is a critical concern for the world. Drip irrigation helps solve this problem and provides more nutrition to the population by turning larger portion of land arable.

It is quite evident from the above statements that drip irrigation is the most sustainable form of irrigation system. It’s invention and usage has brought a win-win situation for both farmers and the economy by reducing the usage of resources and bringing higher crop yield. Also, being a sustainable farming practice it also reduces the impact on the environment. Padgilwar Corporation on its constant endeavour to bring revolutionary changes in the lives of small farmers, has brought innovative equipment for drip irrigation. The tools are designed to be durable and economical for them to afford. Check our website or ask for our catalogue from a dealer near you.