How agriculture sustainability contributes to peace and prosperity

How agriculture sustainability contributes to peace and prosperity

Agriculture is a primary activity and of supreme importance for the sustenance of human race, practiced since ancient time by human civilisation. It is practiced enormously all over the world leaving a huge footprint, leading to climate change, water scarcity, land degradation and deforestation because of excessive utilization of non-renewable resources, water consumption and clearing up of forests for agriculture which are extremely important for the planet. On its contrary, a change in environment also impact agricultural produce. Hence, a sustainable farming practice is necessary for maintaining balance in nature. For sustainable agricultural practice, land and water needs to be utilised efficiently to reduce its negative influence on the environment and secure the climate.

Sustainable farming

A sustainable farming practice helps meet the food and textile needs of the present without comprising the requirements of the future generations. Some of our natural resources are finite and exhausting them is not the right way for sustainable living. Preserving our present resources and supporting a sustainable growth in the society contributes to the peace and prosperity of the world.

Transform agriculture practices for Sustainable growth
For sustainable growth, intense efforts are required to transform agriculture and increasing farm productivity and making efficient use of natural resources. The focus of farming practices should be on resourceful use of the farmer’s skill and social capital. Agricultural productivity can therefore be seen as a first step towards the greater income for a country.

Food security and peace
Ensuring food security is an important aspect to run a peaceful and prosperous society. Regions poor in agriculture and lack resources often turn out to be conflict zones due to the lack of opportunities and struggle over scarce resources.

Advancement in technology for sustainable agriculture

Sustainable farming involves carefully utilising the resources without exhausting it for future generations, farmers are now shifting from traditional farming methods to advanced digital technologies for a more efficient farming. Digital technology can support sustainable agriculture through precision farming methods leading to reduction in environmental degradation and also by helping foster sustainable farming communities. The increase in income and crop yield has helped keep families united instead of having to migrate in search of work. By harnessing technology for one of the world’s first occupations can contribute to world peace and prosperity.

Agriculture and socio-economic stability
Agricultural sustainability contributes to socio-economic stability, which in turn contributes to peace and harmony. Studies have found that growth in agriculture is two-third times more effective at reducing poverty than an equivalent amount of growth generated in other sectors.

Sustainable development is a need of the hour and agriculture sector must comply with it, leading towards more efficient farming and conservation of resources.Padgilwar corporation is on a constant quest towards responsibly developing equipment and methods for precision and sustainable agriculture. The smart equipment developed by us are contributions to the farmers globally for practicing sustainable farming and assuring food security for generations to come.