Depression and its consequences on Farmer Mental Health

Depression and its consequences on Farmer Mental Health

Farmers are challenged with forecasting unpredictability due to the continuously changing weather. You may be aware of a farmer who is experiencing stress, anxiety, sadness, burnout, indecision, or suicidal thoughts. Farmers’ mental health can be harmed by excessive stress, but there is hope and support available. Don’t let yourself down if you want to live a better, healthier life PADCORP is always there to help.

People who are suffering from poor mental health or who are living with mental illness may find it difficult to maintain good relationships or face various difficulties while managing the demands of everyday life.

Farmers have faced severe economic challenges over the last few years, including:

  • Commodity prices are falling.
  • Crop yields have been impacted by natural catastrophes.
  • Debt levels on farms are rising.

Farmers’ families have experienced greater rates of stress, mental illness, and suicide as a result of this.

Farmers and their businesses are harmed by the COVID-19 epidemic, in addition to the ongoing problems and stressors of farm life.

Farmers may be stressed due to a variety of causes. Daily, many farmers encounter unpredictable issues and concerns involving property, weather, animals, crops, and injuries. Excessive stress has the following effects on physical, emotional, and behavioral problems.

  • Headaches, stomach difficulties, dizziness, muscular tension, backaches, and elevated blood pressure are some of the physical signs of stress.
  • Feeling increasingly worried, angry, sad, or hopeless are all emotional indicators that can lead to depression or other mental health issues.
  • People who suffer from chronic stress sometimes try to cope by engaging in harmful activities such as smoking, drinking, or gambling. Stress may also cause sleeping and eating patterns to be disrupted, such as sleeping too much or not sleeping at all, and overeating or undereating.

When people are under a lot of stress, they may even consider suicide. A person talking about wanting to die or taking their own life by suicide, withdrawing or isolating oneself, talking about feeling hopeless or having no reason to live, or giving away cherished items are all warning indications of suicide. Do not leave someone who is displaying indications of suicide alone; instead, transport them to a hospital or healthcare practitioner. Whatever the symptoms, speaking with a skilled therapist may help reduce the impact of stress, give effective coping strategies, and even save lives. PADCORP strives to bring hope to the farmers’ lives by running projects like Rice mill and machine bank.

Barriers and Challenges in accessing Mental health care in Agricultural Communities

Rural populations face considerable obstacles when it comes to getting mental health treatment.

Barriers could include the following:

  • Shortages in mental health care specialists – Mental health specialists are in small quantity in rural and low-income areas across the country. Specialists could be located hundreds of miles away.
  • StigmaPeople who live in rural areas generally have less privacy and anonymity than those who live in metropolitan areas. As a result, individuals may be humiliated or embarrassed to seek mental health 
  • Care – A do-it-yourself mindset is often celebrated in the farming culture, which might discourage individuals from seeking help when they are having issues. 
  • Workplace insecurity – Agriculture is unpredictable, and a farmer’s schedule might vary dramatically from day to day based on the operation’s immediate demands. These commitments might make it difficult for a farmer to schedule and keep appointments, particularly when counselling or mental health visits are not as essential as other obligations.


Farmers may not be able to anticipate the future, but they can control how they deal with stress. There are programs in place to assist farmers. Farmers can seek assistance from a variety of sources like PADCORP. PADCORP is a leading agricultural machinery provider. The product basket of PADCORP offers a wide range to cater to every mechanical need of a farmer. Farmers must switch to healthier food production methods. New high-yield crop varieties are being developed by scientists and researchers that require fewer fertilizers and pesticides. Such crops will almost certainly reduce the need for hazardous chemicals. PADCORP, well-known farm equipment, and supply company is doing everything it can to educate and motivate farmers to practice agriculture responsibly and sustainably.